Tuesday, February 22, 2011


sketches i made this past week. pencil and colored pencils


LuisaPizza said...

Nice! I like the mobster and alien characters. What are these for, lloyd?

LLOYD said...

Hi lui!!..the 2nd to the last drawing are just doodles ang Twi'lek kanang gurl with the head tails is a character from star wars..studies lang i made so far kai im gonna do something a pastel piece like Noah Klocek's..tan-awa iyang blog ganahan ta ko mutry ug something similar..been trying out pastels lately and lisod sya..i still need some more practice naa kai nahibaw-an na mga tutorials?

cess said...

humana ang purple twi:lek loy.
kung makahuman ka sa cartoon guys
pwede na maghimo tag story hehehe

Wayne B. Medina said...

Hey buddy! you been bustin out some drawings!!! cool man! Looking good!

etain_lavena said...

Wowi Lloyd really kewl. You are very talented:)

LLOYD said...


awww man..always inspired by your work..


thanks driz...haven't heard from ya..i hope the baby's doing fine.