Tuesday, February 08, 2011


i've done pastels before but this time with drive and perseverance..i think i'll settle to this medium..got inspired by a very talented guy named Noah Klocek i like his approach not really aiming for realism but his stuff really is inspiring. thank you to him. This is just a lousy attempt i still got a long ways to go and i think i've decided to really persevere in this kind of medium..been jumping from one medium to the next trying to find what really excites me so i guess im gonna park my car in the pastel parking lot..so i wish myself goodluck..so i guess that's makes me a pastel maniac in the near future.

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LuisaPizza said...

It's great that you're trying pastels, Lloyd. Just don't say it's a lousy attempt, everyone has to start somewhere :) hehe