Monday, June 19, 2006

Tiny Toons

i used to watch this cartoon on cable when i was a kid...hey! i'm still a kid!!


Scott O. said...

Ooooh... is this from "How I Spent My Summer Vacation"?

Tiny Toons was always weird, because it was always painfully obvious to me when they used different studios, because some episodes looked FANTASTIC, other ones were total crap!

But anyways, cool blog so far! Keep it up!!!

Flutopia Unchartered said...

oh yeah this is the has another snippet from the same title. it too was hilarious, it was hampton and his family with plucky duck going to happy world land and they were having this "spot the car" game

I agree with ya scott although i didn't see most of the episodes but i noticed the difference in quality. I never knew that they kept on studio hopping to do the episodes, when i first saw it most of the gags and humor didn't sink in immediately i think it was too violent for me this story/episode i can truly say that this cartoon should be considered a classic, i mean the gags there aren't really for kids but a parody of everything popular during that time, much like what the original animators did in the 40's-60's. for one moment there it's as if the spirits of Bob Clampett and the other wacky animators slipped in to the guys who were working on this particular show/episode Tiny Toons: How I spent my vacation is indeed a classic, well at least for me.