Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Maurice Noble

Being a HUGE fan of the late Mr. Maurice Noble i guess he deserves a spot here in Flutopia, he has had a huge impact in my background and layout styling although i'm not really that good but i'm aiming to be at par with his artwork someday. I wish he left a book full of his layout art from his cartoon shorts, oh well i'll just gonna tip my hat to this guy, thanks a bunch Mr. Noble sir.

Artwork source:


Todd Kauffman said...

wow wow wow - this stuff is too sweet - glad i found your blog.

Flutopia Unchartered said...

There's more at Amid's blog. Noble production art scans are soo hard to find on the net only a handful are posted, well unless if you want to buy the originals. Thnks Todd for having wandered off here. you have mind-blowing blogs too i should put out a link on you on my sidebar i'm so honored!