Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another portrait

Impressionistic portrait painting done in Painter then added some custom splatter brushes from Photoshop. The first piece is the one with the splatter brushes while the other one below is the original Painter render with an added canvass texture for effect


Alexandre Augusto said...

Hello Lloyd.
Thank you for the comment.
I think the drawing I did looks like the Superman drawn by Darwin Cooke, and looks a bit like the Superman drawn by the Fleischer studios.
I am a BIG fan of Darwin Cooke, he's my favorite comic-book artist today and "The New Frontier" is one of the best stories ever written in comics!
To me he is a genius like Alex Toth, Will Eisner. Take a look at the graphic novel "Parker" that he is drawing, is sensational!
I would love to draw as well as Darwin Cooke!
If I could have super powers or magical abilities I would love to draw like Darwin Cooke, but unfortunately this is impossible!

I really like this portrait, done by you! Very good colors and textures.
Hey Lloyd, I'm also a big fan of the artists of the 50s. I also love the drawings of Tom Oreb!
And Aurelius Battaglia, Ed Benedict, Searle are great inspirations to me in my drawings.
I am a big fan of Negreiros, an illustrator from Brazil .... he's a genius! Take a look at the link on my blog.
See you later, keep posting.

LLOYD said...

Thanks Alex!!..retro is definitely my favourite..i'll drop by at your site..and thanks for dropping by too.
much appreciated

Drizel said...

ghee me, your talent never ends does it my friend....as always so nice:)

LLOYD said...

Thank you Driz! same as you!..you're also a very talented person!

Drizel said...

Thanks for the compliment my friend:)HUGZ