Tuesday, August 30, 2011


it not that good..but i'm getting there.


Drizel said...


Alexandre Augusto said...

Hello Lloyd!
Thank you for the kind comment. I appreciate very much.
Chris Battle is a wonderful artist, and I love his character designs.
I would love to work with him and with other great artists like Genndy, Pete Oswald, Graig Kellman .... I think it would be great to improve my drawings.
I really liked your drawing of the Cyclops. I love your work with colors. This is remind me the work of Jon J. Muth. You know the graphic novel Havok & Wolverine: Meltdown?
See ya.

LLOYD said...

HEllo Alex!

THanks for the kind comments..Jon J. Muth is too much!..lol! frankly speaking i only like this drawing from the head to down to the tummy..i still suck at drawing clothes. From the waist down, i don't know, im not satisfied but i'm slowly getting there. thanks for dropping by Alex..it's very much appreciated.

i actually prefer retro style art..from the guys at UPA especially the classic guys like John Hubley, Tom Oreb, Maurice Noble, and tons of others and from the mainstream Chris Battle, Ben Balistreri, Genndy, you..and tons of others..i wish you luck in your career alex! kudos!